The Team at Maple Grove


Pastor Talon Paul

Pastor Talon and Rebbecca Paul have been serving at Maple Grove as pastor since October of 2017. Pastor Talon is a graduate from the Atlanta Bible College in Mcdonough, GA and has served at churches in Georgia, Minnesota and Indiana. Pastor Talon has been serving in various ministries for over 5 years. They are both passionate about guiding others to the truths found in the Scriptures and salvation in the coming Kingdom of God.


The Elder Team

Our Elder Team consists of Terry Roe, Janet Snyder, Carol Smith, and Pastor Talon Paul. The goal of our Elder Team is to take care of the spiritual aspects of Maple Grove, assist the members of Maple Grove into spiritual maturity, and cast vision for our future as a Body. 


The Executive Team

Our Executive Team consists of Hoyt Alexander, Paul Pepka, Angie Pepka, Lindsay Ramsey, Sara See, David Alexander, Pastor Talon and Rebbecca Paul, Robert and Marilyn Morrison, Terry Roe, Janet Snyder, and Carol Smith. The Executive Team's goal is to handle all of the business aspects of Maple Grove, plan budgets and expenses, as well as plan for our future as a Body. 


The Worship Team

Our Worship Team consists of Lindsay Ramsey, Gwen Spence, Brenda Alexander, Laura Martin, Robert Morrison, Carol Smith, Shane Martin, Mark Alexander, Paul Pepka, Samantha Pepka, and Jack Snyder. The Worship Team seeks to assist everybody at Maple Grove in experiencing God and His son through uplifting and encouraging music, and experiential worship services which utilize modern technology to the best of our abilities.